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Food with a View

Food with a View Food blogger


The original idea for the blog “Food with a View” was to combine Claudia's recipes and Arne's impressions of Berlin. Why not? Food is often the key to discovering a destination. Their common focus is on photography. Through this medium that they both love, they have succeeded in telling stories and creating a visual narrative through their interests in culinary topics.

Arne and Claudia see themselves as storytellers. Their stories focus on culinary subjects set in the unique cultural environment of Berlin. "It is Berlin on a plate," says Arne. But Claudia and Arne also have a second objective: their blog also raises awareness of ecological issues. They are passionate about sustainability. They even sow their own sprouts and harvest the wild herbs that use in their cooking. Seasonal recipes are their specialty and sharing them with others is their mission.

As freelancers they often work on writing, reporting or photo assignments. As their work accumulated they decided the best way to get more mileage out of their stories and share them with others was to start their blog.

Soon lifestyle, events , travel and nature stories were added to their growing portfolio. Many of those areas also interact with food and their unique concept bore fruit. "For us it is a good mix," says Claudia. And followers of their popular blog agree.

Coffee beans in a paper bag on a grey linen cloth Coffee beans spilling from a paper bag with a bamboo scoop on a grey linen cloth Buckwheat, vegetables, sesame seed tofu and cress in bowls on a wooden table with a linen cloth and vintage spoons Coffee beans on a grey linen cloth Coffee beans (full-frame) A bundle of starweed on a table