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Sylvia E.K Photography

Sylvia E.K Photography Food blogger


Her love of food and the simple, rural life began in her grandmother's garden where she had an idyllic childhood. Even now Sylvia Ermanska-Kolancyk documents that love in her blog "My Good Live Love". There, she celebrates the seasons with delicious dishes like peach cake, chia seed and broccoli smoothies.

Her passion for eating and cooking began in childhood where she spent much of her time in her grandmother's garden. "She had a large garden with many different fruits and vegetables," Sylvia remembers. They cooked together and made jam. She grew to love nature and spent her summer holidays in the countryside, breakfasting on freshly gathered eggs that the hens had just laid.

Now Sylvia Ermanska-Kolancyk lives in a big city but tries to steal away to the country whenever she can. In her images she documents her love and nostalgia for the simple country life. She is not a professional cook but loves simple foods with a personal touch. She collects cook books and is a self taught photographer.

She uses natural light whenever possible her camera and tripod are always ready for action. She uses her kitchen instead of a studio, eschewing expensive editing programs. She admits to being a chaotic cook, but a perfectionist when it comes to photography.

Chocolate cake (Christmas) Candy canes in red Christmas mug Baguettes in a wire basket Butter biscuits for Christmas Bread spread in two glass jars Baguette slices with cottage cheese and cucumber